Dear Broken Down Me

Dear Broken Down Me, Tonight is kind of a sucky night. A rough conversation triggered on onslaught of emotions that have been brewing for about a week. It ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back and before you knew it you were on your knees in the closet practically hyperventilating because you... Continue Reading →


You Deserve your Mother

I am raising another woman's children. Her screaming slowly subsides but the sobs still rack her tiny body as I try to make sense of what happened. Just seconds earlier she was sound asleep and now she is clinging to me afraid to let go. A sweaty, tear stained mess of a little girl. Our... Continue Reading →

Discomfort Anyone?

"I love to be uncomfortable!" Said no one ever! Don't we just love to be comfortable? From sitting in our favorite chair to coming home after a long day and throwing on our favorite comfy clothes. It feels like life kind of revolves around being comfortable. But it isn't just at home, we like to... Continue Reading →

What they don’t tell you

My youngest son and his wife left today. I won't see him now for at least a year due to some stuff he has going with his job. As a mom for over 25 years there is one thing no one can ever tell you: how to navigate your sons becoming men, getting married and... Continue Reading →


The love of my life has a milestone birthday today. We've been married for 24 years so this is the third milestone birthday I have been fortunate to be part of. When he turned 30 our youngest son was just 4 months old and had a milestone of his own that same day when he... Continue Reading →

When you thought you knew.

These last couple of months have been one roller coaster after another. I've done my level best to keep a cool and calm head but apparently it wasn't enough because when I wasn't looking a massive anxiety attack happened landing me in the ER on Wednesday evening into the early hours of Thursday. The funny... Continue Reading →

When it doesn’t hurt so much.

There have been a few triggers over the past week or so as I've considered the past. Certain things have been said. I've seen certain things that caused me to pause and wonder how it's going "over there". And so in typical Rachel fashion I figured I would do a little "trolling" just to see.... Continue Reading →

”What a Gift!”

I learned a few years ago about this "word of the year" thing. If I'm not mistaken you are supposed to pray and ask God what your word is. I thought it was a very different kind of thing to do but could also see how it could be helpful in life both spiritually and... Continue Reading →

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